Investigating Dehydration Knowledge, Prevention, and Challenges Among Older Adults in Muea Community

2023-05-05 10:04:51 By : admin

Muea Community Investigates Older Adults’ Knowledge on Dehydration, Prevention and Its Challenges
Investigating Older Adults Knowledge On Dehydration, Prevention And Its Challenges in the Muea community.

Dehydration is a serious concern amongst older adults, especially those aged 60 years and above. It can lead to various health complications, including kidney failure and even death. Therefore, there is a need to investigate older adults’ knowledge on dehydration, prevention, and its challenges. This is what the Muea community has set out to do.

The Muea community is a small town in Cameroon that is known for its agricultural produce. However, the community is facing a growing concern of dehydration among its older adult population. This concern has prompted the community to launch an investigation into the older adults’ knowledge on dehydration, prevention, and its challenges.

The investigation has three specific objectives:

1. To investigate the knowledge of dehydration amongst older adult age (60 years) and above in Muea community.
2. To find out the knowledge on the prevention of dehydration in older adult.
3. To identify the challenges faced by older adults in the prevention of dehydration.

To achieve these objectives, the community has partnered with leading manufacturers of industrial equipment, such as SHANDONG JINTA MACHINERY GROUP CO., LTD. SHANDONG JINTA MACHINERY GROUP CO., LTD's main products are rotary dryer, ASME distillation column, spiral heat exchanger, stainless steel storage tanks, etc. The company has provided the necessary equipment for the investigation to be carried out.

The investigation has been ongoing for several weeks, and the preliminary results are concerning. The investigation has revealed that many older adults in the Muea community have a limited understanding of dehydration. They are unaware of its causes and symptoms. Furthermore, many older adults are not aware of the daily water intake requirements, and some are not sure how to detect signs of mild dehydration.

Regarding the prevention of dehydration, the results show that few older adults take proactive measures. Many tend to wait until they are thirsty before taking any fluids, which is not ideal, as thirst is not a reliable indicator of hydration. Others do not drink enough water, preferring to drink other beverages such as alcohol or soda. This is problematic, as these beverages tend to dehydrate the body.

The investigation has also revealed numerous challenges facing older adults in preventing dehydration. The leading obstacles include the unavailability of clean water, low-income levels, and a lack of awareness about the importance of hydration. Additionally, many older adults face mobility issues that prevent them from accessing water sources regularly.

The preliminary investigation results show that there is a need for increased awareness creation on dehydration and its prevention. The Muea community must focus on educating older adults on the importance of hydration and how to prevent dehydration. Additionally, the local authorities should address the unavailability of clean water and ensure that older adults can access clean water sources.

In conclusion, the Muea community's investigation on older adults' knowledge on dehydration, prevention, and its challenges is an essential step towards addressing the growing concern of dehydration among older adults. SHANDONG JINTA MACHINERY GROUP CO., LTD's support in providing industrial equipment for this investigation shows that corporate entities can play a significant role in addressing societal issues. It is hoped that the investigation's results will lead to actionable steps that improve older adults' hydration and, ultimately, their health outcomes.